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Richard Tol

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Richard Tol

Tol on July 21, 2013
Personal details

Richard Tol (Born December 2, 1969 in Zwaag) is a well known Professor of Economics from Lewes, East Sussex.

Early life

Richard Tol
Richard Tol was born December 2, 1969 in Zwaag. Tol attended , Vrije Universiteit until 1997. [2]

Cultural Influences.

The Spylocks
Among his favorite television shows are Official Peppa Pig - UK. Tol is known to be a fan of the musicians Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs and The Spylocks.[3] [4]


In June 26, 2013 Tol traveled to and visited Edburton Ave.・Brighton・36 were here.

The travels of Tol took him to many different places: East Sussex・2,526 were here, Netherlands, Luttelgeest, De Hoeve and Chailey [7]

Personal Life

Alex van Leyden
Tol is Married

Tol's family includes Alex van Leyden (nephew) and Martine van Leyden (niece).

Famous Quotes

  • C heb in de pot gepoept
    2012-09-01 [5]
  • C heeft in de pot gepoept
    2012-09-01 [6]
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